Sunday School

Bloomer Baptist Church​

...And To Make Him Known

Sunday School is a place to find fellowship and learn more about Jesus and putting your faith into action with practical application.  Sunday School is our version of small groups - we meet to discuss the Bible, but also to share our hearts with each other and grow together.  There's a class for everyone, so get plugged in! 

To Know Christ...


High school students 

2 years old - Kindergarten

kristi culver & Sue Carlson 

1st & 2nd Grade

Kelsey Lundgren 

3rd & 4th Grade 

lori Engstrom 

5th & 6th Grade

Julia Fossum 

Doctrine Class (7th & 8th Grade)

Pastor Eldon Carlson 

High School

Youth Leaders

Traditional Bible Study (adults)

Larry Gotham 

Empty Nesters (adults)

Lee McMenamin 

Topical Bible Study (adults)

Lynn Gilberts 

Parents of Young Children (adults)

Bowes & brindles 

Financial Freedom Class* (adults)

chris & rebecca durham