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Eric & Madeline Chavoustie

Eric & Madeline work with youth in the inner cities of St. Paul & Minneapolis.  They seek to disciple youth through direct discipleship, "doing life together" with Life on Life Mentoring.  They connect youth to churches, and ultimately to Jesus Christ.  They are serving with the Bethlehem Urban Initiative.

Life on Life Mentoring Website

Richard & Lyka Medina

Richard & Lyka are a young couple serving the Lord in the Philippines. They are ministering to students and others through local churches and various Bible studies and outreach events.

A video describing Richard & Lyka's ministry

Brenda Poulson

Brenda is a missionary to the Yanomami people in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil.  She works there with Ethnos 360 Missions providing basic needs like health care and education, as well as sharing the gospel.  She originally served there with her parents, and although they have since retired, she is still working diligently to make Christ known to the Yanomami.

Brenda's Profile at ethnos 360

Randy & Kaye Hacker

The Hackers serve with WorldVenture in Poland, working to plant churches and partnering with local evangelical ministries there to promote the spreading of the gospel.  They have been serving in Poland since 1999.  Currently Randy serves as the field coordinator for WorldVenture - Poland, where he helps train church planters.

The Hackers' Profile at WorldVenture

Ben & Kristy Carlson

Ben and Kristy are serving with Navigators in Burundi, Africa. They are currently on home assignment in the USA.  Their ministry is focused on helping the local coffee farmers develop better farming practices and get better wages for their beans, all while proclaiming the gospel of Christ!  Their coffee-washing project is called Long Miles Coffee Project.

Ben & Kristy's website


We support several missionaries who are helping to make Christ known all over the world.  Their ministries may vary, but their purpose is the same:  To help others to know Christ and to make Him known! Contact the office if you would like updates from any of our missionaries.

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​To Know Christ...

...And To Make Him Known

Venture Church Network (formally CBA)

After almost 75 years of ministry, we are now called “Venture Church Network.” We continue to embrace our historical heritage that took risks to move away from endangering the good news of Jesus Christ! And like a ship that is built for dangers of the ocean and not the safety of the harbor, so that gospel message, while needing a safe harbor of biblical truth, is intended to be propagated throughout the world, no matter the risks. Today, we continue to embrace our ethos of taking risks for the sake of the gospel by helping every church take bold next steps to advance Gospel-centered transformational churches in every community we touch.



Welman & Helen Mutya

The Mutyas serve with Pag-Asa Bible Baptist Church in the Philippines.  Welman is the pastor of the church, and the entire Mutya family is very heavily involved in serving the church.  They started serving with Grace Mission Philippines, and taught at Grace Bible Academy before serving with Pag-Asa Bible Baptist Church.

PBBC Facebook page

Steve & Karen Dutton

Steve and Karen serve with Hellenic Ministries.  Steve is the International & US Executive Director for HM.  They are based in Wheaton, IL, but their ministry helps reach people in Greece through equipping and sending missionaries, as well as training and supporting native Greek evangelicals.

Hellenic Ministries

We support several other missionary families that are serving around the world to help people Know Christ and Make Him Known.  However, due to persecution and the closed nature of the countries where they are serving we cannot list them fully here.  If you would like more information on these missionaries, please contact the church directly.

Harvest America

Harvest America is the church-planting ministry of Missions Door.  They helped Bloomer Baptist Church get planted back in 1978, and today they continue to plant churches across America.

Harvest America at MissionsDoor.org

Arrowhead Bible Camp

Arrowhead Bible Camp is located in nearby New Auburn, WI and has many connections to our congregation.  Many teens from our youth group have attended their summer programs, and many families go to their family weekends.  They proclaim the gospel through their camping ministry.


Antonino & Regina Villarta

Antonino, or "Nonie," is the pastor of the Fundamental Independent Baptist Church of Tarlac in the village of San Manuel in the Phillipines. FIBCT has a vision to reach all of Tarlac City by planting 50 churches by the year 2020.  FIBCT - San Manuel is one of these churches.

A video describing FIBCT's "Vision 2020"

Phil & Michelle Rayburn

The Rayburns are working to make Christ known right here in Wisconsin.  Phil serves at Arrowhead Bible Camp in nearby New Auburn, WI.  He works there as the director of maintenance.  Phil helps to make sure Arrowhead is a fun and safe place for every camper.  Michelle is a writer, speaker, and worship leader.

Arrowhead staff

Venture Church Network MidWest (formally CB North Central)

Our fellowship of churches is structured by regions.  We are a collection of several regions of churches who are bonded by common belief and church structure.  Our region is known as Venture Church Network MidWest, or VCN MidWest.